Amalgam or “silver filling” is composed of about 50% mercury, 22-32% silver, 14% tin and 8% copper.  Mercury is considered by the FDA  to be a toxic and regulated substance.  Mercury Amalgam has been used as a filling material for teeth for about 150 years due to it’s low cost and ease of placement. 24 carat gold was mankind’s first filling material for teeth and used by the ancient  Egyptians and is non-toxic but  is very expensive.

The disadvantage of amalgam, is that amalgam does not bond to teeth, and expands and contracts with your cold soda or hot coffee.  This may cause cracks and weaken teeth.   The white  fillings  I use are metal free, completely  bonded to the tooth and do not expand or contract with your coffee or soda.  This will strengthen the tooth, not weaken it.  These fillings are also mercury free, and if done well are the longest lasting currently available.

Composite or Porcelain fillings are the future of dentistry; life-like strong and durable.  It is important that your dentist is well trained in the placement of these types of fillings for long-term success. Visit us to discuss any questions you may have on which type of filling is right for you.

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