Sedation Dentistry

Sedation Dentistry can be for anyone who has anxiety about dental treatment and does not want to remember their dental visit.  The sedation that we provide involves no IV needles and is in pill form.

You may be a candidate for oral sedation if you:

  • hate the site of needles
  • have avoided dental care because of fear
  • hate the sound of the drill
  • “hate the dentist”
  • have had “bad experiences” with the dentist before
  • need a lot of dental work at one time
  • have sensitive teeth or gag reflex

This type of sedation allows you to breathe on your own, speak to us, sleep through your visit and have little recall of the appointment.

Many people delay their dental treatment due to worry and anxiety while their dental health gets worse. Save your teeth. Please don’t delay and give us a call.  At Parkwood Dentistry of Elkin we will take care of you.

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