Parkwood Dental Family Dentistry

At Parkwood Dental Elkin we are dental care for the whole family. At Parkwood Dental Elkin we do offer Nitrous or "laughing gas" to children if need be.  Dr H wants to see the children he treats to grow without a fear of the dentist. We can also recommend an Orthodontist should your child need braces. Dr Halbedl and his wife Heather have three teenagers and know how important families are.  We love kids and want to make your child’s visit enjoyable, and make sure they get some cool goodies to take home.

Our Children’s Dental Services:

  • We see kids ages 3 and up
  • Cleanings and Fluoride treatments
  • Mercury free white fillings

If your child is 12 and under and needs major restorative work or has anxiety, we may occasionally refer to a pediatric dentist for treatment or sedation. Parkwood Dental does not do sedation on children.   “ Parkwood Dental does not want any child to develop a lifelong fear of the dentist when sedation will help your child,”  Dr.  Halbedl.  We can also make great recommendations and referrals for orthodontic treatment for your child if needed.

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