Implant Dentistry

Dental ImplantsDental Tooth Implants are the most spectacular breakthrough in dentistry since I began practice in 1992.  In the last 20 years Dental implants have become the most sought after service in Dentistry.  They are wonderful! Painless and decay proof,   Dental Tooth Implants will last.

Whether you are missing one tooth or many teeth,  dental implants are often the best choice to replace your teeth.  Dental Tooth Implants are almost like a new tooth root and are most often made of surgical grade titanium or metal free zirconia.  Dental implants preserve the natural bone that is lost after tooth removal.

The Dental Tooth Implant involves 3 parts usually.

  • The implant body or new root form.
  • The implant abutment, which is the piece that attaches into the implant body.
  • The Implant restoration, which may be an Implant Crown, Implant Bridge or Implant Denture.

Dr. Halbedl is very experienced with dental implants and has trained with the best Dental Implantologists in the United States. Please call us today to for a consultation to discuss your Dental Tooth Implant options.

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